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How to apply Rainx

Did you know RainX isn't just good for rain? It's also an awesome way to keep bugs from sticking to the windshield as well as help keep frost from building up on the windshield. Today, Max is showing us the proper way to apply RainX - your new best weapon against the elements on your windshield.

How To Use Slime For cycles

Flat tires are the worst! Let's take a look at how to prevent and repair bicycle inner tube flats with Slime sealant.

How To install Slime Sealant into Car Tire to Fix Flat

I show you how to install Slime Tire Sealant into a flat tire. 16 oz. bottle. It's straightforward and easy. I leave the Slime Tire Sealant in my tires for up to two years while it seals and plugs air leaks.

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